Frequently Asked Questions

1) “Do bike locks come with the bike rentals?” – YES, bike locks are provided free of charge for all bike rentals and we require bikes to be locked at all times when not in use.  Generally, you will receive at least one(1) lock for every two(2) bikes ordered.  The locks are six feet long and can generally secure up to 2-3 bikes per lock.  Bikes should be locked through the main frame of the bike, not the wheels, and then either to a secure rack or to each other.    We also provide the same type of lock for Jogger/Stroller and  Beach Chair/Beach Acc. orders.

2)  “I can’t find my receipt.”  –  Once the bikes are delivered, we leave your receipt underneath your exterior front door mat or if no mat exists, inside the door jam.  If your receipt is missing from either location, please call us and we can get you another copy.

3)  “I can’t find my lock combination.”  –  Your lock combination should be on the bottom left corner of your receipt where it says “lock #s”.  Generally all of your locks will be the same combination.  We will note, next to the combination, how many locks have been provided.  Locks feature an easy to use four digit dial combination.

4)  “I see bikes that say Vacation Comfort Rentals, but how do I know which are mine?”  –  All of our rental bikes have an individual bike number.  We provide these numbers to you on your rental receipt where it says “BIKE NO.”  You can match this number with the one located on the main frame(top tube) of the bike up towards the handlebars.  This number will be four digits long.

5)  “What is the difference between a tandem and an alleycat?”  –  A tandem is an adult bicycle built for two.  An alleycat is an attachment to a regular adult bike that allows a youngster to ride behind the adult.  The alleycat typically fits children from 3’6″ – 4’6″.  The child may pedal but cannot brake or steer.

6)  “Do baskets come with my bike rentals?”  –  Baskets are always free with any bike order we deliver.  However, you must specify how many you would like when you place your order.  Baskets fit 24″ and 26″ bikes only.

7)  “Can I ride my bikes on the beach?”  –  Yes, bicycles are permitted to be ridden on the beach. However, riding through the sand dunes or in the saltwater is strictly prohibited.  Sand dunes are the home of sand spurs(those pesky little thorny balls) which can cause flat tires. Also, the saltwater causes major corrosive damage to any metal.  There is a $25 charge per bike for riding in the saltwater.

8)  “When will you come back to pick the bikes up?”  –  Generally, we will pickup your bikes or other rental items on the morning of the checkout date you gave us.  If you have a late checkout, would like to extend your rental, or would prefer a late pickup, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

9)  “What happens if I get a flat tire or have other mechanical problems with my bikes?”  –  If you get a flat or have any other problem, please call us immediately.  We will come to you and replace the malfunctioning bike as quickly as we can.

10)  “What if I have a bike or other items stolen?”  –  Call us immediately!  Be sure to have the bike number that was stolen.  You should then call the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department and file a police report.  They will call us and get the serial number of the bike(s).  You are responsible for the replacement cost of the bike(s), which is generally $300 each.  The replacement cost of other items varies.  Typically your travel insurance will reimburse you for these charges if you have a police report.  Always lock your bikes with the locks provided!

11) “There’s a National State of Emergency, now what?” – If a national state of emergency is declared due to hurricane or other reasons, all items/bikes will be picked up by our staff as soon as possible for safe keeping and security purposes. Due to circumstances being beyond our control, there can be no refunds if this situation occurs. Also, please be advised that the bikes may be picked up with our without prior notification.