Artisan and Farmer’s Markets of Hilton Head

Sometimes, one of the best things about a vacation is the chance to shop somewhere new. The ability to find something unique you can’t get anywhere else and bring it home is a great reminder of an excellent trip. The artisan and farmer’s markets of Hilton Head can also be exciting when you can try [...]

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What to Do If It Rains on Your Bike Ride

Maybe you forgot to check the weather. Or maybe this was the only time you had in your schedule to go. Or maybe it was what you had planned all along, because isn’t there something freeing and childlike about being outside in the rain? One way or another, though, you are outside in the rain [...]

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Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival

Hilton Head events are back! You may have been counting the days until you could come back and enjoy the famed Wine & Food Festival. There is not much longer to wait. If that's you, make sure to plan your vacation to Hilton Head for September 14-18 this year. Here's what to expect: Food Dinner [...]

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Best Putt Putt Spots on Hilton Head Island

Are you looking for something a little more exciting than a normal round of golf? Do you like the idea of playing golf with the kids to get them interested in the sport? Why not try some putt putt for a twist on the regular game of golf? Check out these putt putt spots on [...]

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Dolphin Watching on Hilton Head Island

Can you imagine telling your kids that your vacation to Hilton Head this year will include dolphins? What kid doesn’t want to chase down a few of those smiling creatures and listen to them laugh? What parent doesn’t want to hear their kids’ reaction to that? And maybe some of you adults are more than [...]

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Coastal Discovery Museum

Perhaps you overdid it on the beach with your family and sunburn is keeping you indoors. Or the weather may have necessitated a change in plans and the kids are getting dangerously close to saying those dreaded words, “I’m bored.” While there is so much to do at Hilton Head, sometimes it’s hard to find [...]

2021-06-04T12:49:11-04:00July 24th, 2021|

4 Must Have Items for Your Beach Picnic

Whether you are looking to have a romantic seaside beach picnic with your special someone at sunset, or you want to do an easy supper with the family, you know it’s going to be a summer event to remember. Make sure it’s a good memory by having the right equipment with you. Not sure if [...]

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4th of July on Hilton Head Island

We finally have a major holiday coming up where we may be allowed to gather together as a large community and celebrate after a year’s worth of events cancelled due to Covid-19! While 2021 plans for festivities are still tentative for now, there is a glimmer of hope that we start resuming life as it [...]

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Date Night on Hilton Head Island

What couple doesn’t need a date night from time to time? Check out some of the great ideas that Hilton Head Island has to offer for your next date night. Hilton Head Distillery Hilton Head Distillery is located on Cardinal Road and is the first craft distillery on the island. It offers a tasting room [...]

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